Flash Market App is launching in Bendigo December 2017 & Nationwide in January 2018.

The Flash Market app integrates online shopping with bricks and mortar businesses giving consumers the ultimate click & collect experience, and in today’s e-commerce society it is so important for businesses to have that online presence.

AS A BUSINESS, you get to take advantage of the rapidly overtaking mobile commerce market. Posting a deal on the app is simple, you can add pictures, description, quantity & price of the product or service you wish to advertise.

These deals are then delivered to the Flash Market App, which consumers can download via the app store or google play free of charge. It is also delivered to the responsive desktop version.

You will not only receive exposure and connect with new customers, you will also be able to share your story and the story of your business whilst creating a community based connection and relationship with new customers. Customers are also rewarded with an in-app loyalty program as an incentive to keep visiting their local businesses.

Unlike any other deals app out there, the business has its very own back office which allows you to post an unlimited amount of deals at whatever price you want, whenever you want.

It is our split-second target marketing that puts us ahead of from the rest. There is no other platform out there that allows you to fill last minute cancellations or quiet times and clear products from clothing to flowers, food to computers and everything in between, instantly!!

As a business you pay a monthly subscription of $55.00 inclusive of GST, with no lock in contracts.

We have a maximum 10% commission rate with our “Pay for Results only” marketing guarantee. For example; you only pay $100 commission when we have sold $1000 worth of your products or services, guaranteed. (This is automated through IntegraPay, our secure online payment gateway)

If you are an independent travel agent, please contact us about our 0% commission package.

AS A CONSUMER, you get to experience a whole new world of click & collect shopping.
We strive to be your number one go-to app for ALL your local shopping and service’s needs.

Selecting your favourite categories ensures that once an item you need is listed, you are instantly notified.

From retail shopping and trades & services, to food & drink and anything else you can think of, you will find something on this app for you.

You are rewarded for shopping in the Flash Market App because every purchase accumulates reward points in which you can redeem for Flash Dollars to buy products on our online store.

Better yet, every purchase you make is helping locally owned businesses continue trading and supporting the families behind them, which is something we all take for granted until they’re gone.