The Heart Of Flash Market

After the Mining Boom started to slow down, so did Matt Gollan’s family Business. Matt, his wife Samantha and Father, David manufactured electrical lead stands and hooks in Bendigo and supplied them to major mining companies across Australia, which were in high demand.

There was no local support once the boom came crashing down, leaving him to fend for himself. Imported products were getting first choice because of a cheaper price and it was sending profits offshore. Lots of locally owned businesses are forced to suffer this every day. Matt, like many, personally felt this first hand.

This is where the Flash Market dream started, and the heart of the Foundation began.

Now, Flash Market & the Flash Market Foundation are working hand in hand to provide the support to locally owned family businesses that they never had.

Consumers need to understand the importance of staying loyal and shopping local, so we give them that online shopping satisfaction while going hand in hand with locally owned businesses and supporting the families behind them. We support local business.

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